Greater Love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13

The purpose of this site is to showcase ONE of one man's contributions to honor All Vietnam Veterans, as well as the veterans of every war throughout time. 

Sgt. Everett L. Carter Sr. has created a work of art measuring 3 feet by 24 feet; an oil painting on six connected canvases, (below). 

What sets this work of art apart is the method used to complete it, over an almost seven month span. This piece is created in a mosaic fashion, exploiting the wooden shaft of a broken paintbrush for the purpose of placing 'DOTS' on the canvas, ONE DOT for every American Soldier Lost in the war in Vietnam.

There may be some dispute on the exact number of those Lives Laid Down, but there is no dispute that they should be recognized. 


This Magnificent Piece is on display at Lowe Mill Studio #117 in time for Veteran's Day 

For more of Everett's Work Click Here 


16" X 20" Oil on Canvas


"Cross Fire" Oil on Canvas 24" X 4''

"Taste of Freedom" 30" X 40" Oil on Canvas (Top)

"Wet Again"  Ashaw Valley '68-'69 

30" X 60" Oil on Canvas 


Original oil on canvas Size: 24" X 4'

War Memories in Art: 

Available Originals for sale on this site By contacting Everett L. Carter, Sr. 256-684-1833

"Bird Dog" 30" X 40" Oil on Canvas

"Blades of Glory" 

36" X 36" Oil on Canvas

"Sunday Best"

36" X 36" Oil on Canvas

Everett L Carter, (L) (The Artist) A Model for the soldier; Huntsville Veterans Memorial 

Everett Carter posing with the Veterans Memorial Statue

Everett L. Carter SR with painting "NOT TODAY" placed in the Tuskegee Airmen Museum 2008. This painting was auctioned in order to send WWII Veterans to see their memorial in Washington DC.

Everett L. Carter SR Larger than life at the Pentagon.

The Work on Display at the Veteran's Dinner, 

The Von Braun Center South Hall 11/8/2019

Prints are available in 2' X 12' as well as 1' X 6' 

By contacting Everett L. Carter, Sr. 256-684-1833